I am here with a track by blues rockers, The Record Company. They hail from Los Angeles and their sound does not fit with the locale. Gritty hard blues is what these guys are about. “Rita Mae Young” is a great track about heartbreak and at first listen you would imagine these guys came from the ’70s. However, this trio started back in 2011 opening up for pretty popular acts across North America. Their debut album, Give It Back To You, was released in February of last year. Shout out to the vocalist Chris Vos who actually grew up in Wisconsin, my home state. Anyway, “Rita Mae Young” is a great track and gives you a taste of what these guys can and do bring to the table. With great genuine rock bands being few and far between these days, The Record Company has a refreshing sound in the middle of the seemingly overproduced music that gets put out these days.