Hi…I am back!

The quintet from Chicago portray a goofy appearance with their matching sweaters and their EP titled “Songs For Dads.” However, The Walters songs are much more layered and emotional. Their songs provoke a sense of longing and melancholy while at the same time get you singing along in a jovial manner. I am not sure how I would describe their music. At first glance it is indie rock but with a softer, more intimate vibe to it. The lead singer has a unique singing voice that fits the melodic guitars and crisp drumming. With back up vocals filling in at the exact right moments especially in “Goodbye Baby.” Two tracks speed up the temp just enough “City Blues” and “Hunk Beach” showing that there is a power behind The Walters.

Their most popular track would have to be “I love You So”, which makes sense, it is a song with a perfect chorus where the every man or woman can relate to. It stirs the feeling of that first love, that first crush, that first heartbreak. A song that listening to it makes you want to dive deeper into the band that wrote it and that is actually how I found these guys. With just under two thousand followers on their soundcloud page, these guys are not getting the recognition they deserve. With two EP’s under their belt and a double single release, I really look forward to more music from these guys and you should definitely go check them out and feel those vibes!