I am back with a sweet track! This one comes from IshDARR, a rapper out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I cannot help but get excited about IshDARR getting my hometown city out there! He is a great rapper with a great flow and its awesome that he comes from Milwaukee. The track is called ‘Remember’ and it opens with a ethereal piano riff than IshDARR comes in with a heavy hitting flow. The piano and his rap fits together and makes it a tune with a lot of vibe and that sounds really good. The production is really good too. All together, ‘Remember’ is a solid song and demonstrates IshDARRs’ ability. ‘Remember’ comes off of his album Old Soul Young Spirit and it is full of vibes. I am excited to see where this Milwaukee native will go. He also made a sweet video for the song that I am going to attach to the post. If you like this tune and IshDARR, check out his other stuff on his soundcloud page. He is one to keep an eye on if you dig hip-hop and rap. Enjoy the sweet sounds!