This is a very new tune from indie band The Vaccines that I really dig. I love The Vaccines and their new album English Graffiti that is going to be released on the 25th of May should be great too. I love their first two albums so I am pretty excited for their new one. The Vaccines are a band that have a really unique sound that blends well with the voice of the lead singer. This tune opens with some futuristic vibes and a steady drum beat that carries on through the song including the familiar melodic chorus that The Vaccines bring to their music. A great track from what I am expecting to be a great album. The Vaccines always craft their music well and are one of those bands you are always in the mood for. If you have not listened to any of their stuff before, I suggest listening to their older stuff. Anyways, sit back and listen to The Vaccines new track ‘Minimal Affection’ and enjoy the sweet sounds!