Happy Monday! This tune is definitely relaxing and the perfect amount of soul to get you through this morning grind. At first, you would think Leon Bridges came straight from the mid 20th century. His soft yet extremely soulful voice carried by the drifting guitar is eerily reminiscent to older singers like Sam Cooke. However, the 26 year old Fort Worth, Texas native only recently signed to Columbia Records. This is one of those songs you could repeat over and over on a lazy Sunday afternoon or a chill Saturday night. This young singer/songwriter has a huge future I would think. A revival of 60’s soul might be on the way and I am not complaining. Hearing musicians like Leon Bridges coming into popularity makes me happy and I hope it makes you happy too. Take a listen to ‘Coming Home’ and enjoy the sweet sounds as always! Remember to follow Leon Bridges on Facebook for information and other tracks!