Alright I usually don’t post back to back but I had to for this one. If you have been following my listening experiences you would probably know that I have been listening to the NYC based duo Prelow quite a bit. I saw them open up for the up-and-coming rapper Skizzy Mars and they blew me away. I immediately bought their EP, Why Does Everything Happen So Much and instantly became a diehard fan. They are incredible and I would recommend listening to and then buying their EP. However, here I have their one and only tune that is not on the EP, ‘I Don’t Wanna End The Night’, which is just as killer. The first seconds of the song show you that this whole song is perfect. Dreamy synthesizers and a sharp drum beat with great vocals and lyrics. I cannot tell you enough how amazing these guys are and if they keep going in the direction they are going they will be huge. Listen and enjoy! Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and listen to their EP up on soundcloud right now.