Matt and Kim recently dropped their latest album New Glow last week and it has been received with mixed reviews by many M&K fans. New Glow has a very different feel and very different sounds compared to their older stuff which was simply keyboard and drums with hard hitting vocals and irresistible hooks. It is safe to say that this is a different Matt and Kim, yet, it brings a new dynamic and vibe to their signature sound. Personally, I really dig this new Matt and Kim. Although, I may be biased since I have been a die hard fan since I discovered them years ago. “Stirred Up” has more of an electronic feel to it but still very catchy and those feel good lyrics by Matt Johnson. Anyways, Matt and Kim fans should definitely check out “Stirred Up” and the rest of New Glow. After a few listens through, I think New Glow will quickly become a favorite album by an always amazing band that is Matt and Kim.