Hey everyone. I am reporting back from the Skizzy Mars show I was at last night. That show was a lot of fun. He brought the energy and the crowd seemed to dig it as well. I recommend going to one of his shows if you can, it is worth it. Anyways, I am here with a song from one of the openers at the show. Prelow hail from New York along with Skizzy Mars and are currently on tour with him. I have not heard of Prelow before the show but I am glad I do now. This indie duo blew me away with their short 4 or 5 song set. After the show, I immediately bought their debut EP, Why Does Everything Happen So Much. Prelow bring the chill vibes and sweet sounds. I have here the last track from their EP called “Simple Song” and it is so enjoyable. When they dropped this at the show I started smiling and did not stop until the last note. You will definitely understand when you hear it. Enjoy “Simple Song” and check out Prelow on soundcloud for the rest of their stuff from their EP.